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  • Mar 10, 11 Stanford tournament
  • Feb 3rd, Jan & Feb birthdays!
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  • Jan 28th Chris & Winston plays in Cal Bear tournament
  • Jan 28 welcome Ana
  • Jan 16th welcome Solomon
  • Jan 13th, welcome Hansi, Dake, Harsh
  • Jan 12th welcome Linsay
  • Jan 11th, welcome Frasal
    Jan 10th, welcome Jing Jing
    Jan 8th welcome James C.


  • Dec welcome, Aaron, Adarsh, Ginette
  • Dec welcome visitor Sayoko
    • Nov 5th Anand joined in Intermediate
    • Nov 4th Bonic joined Advanced 2 group
    • Nov 4th Malinka joined Advanced 1 group
    • Nov 4th our first board game event after playing, dim sum at Grand Palace and then playing at Cafe Bunn Mi
    • Nov 3rd Alex L. is visiting from Australia for 3 weeks
    • Nov 3rd Paul and I are looking at booking Glen Park to try a dedicated gym in San Francisco. Looking like Dec 11th, 2017 is a good date
      • reference this for good info about starting a club
    • Oct 30th Edgar joins the Advanced 2 group