Monthly Tournaments

We will hold round robin tournaments every month. 2 flights (A,B) maximum of 4 teams per flight to keep it manageable. Entrance fee is $5 / team / month paid towards the prize of a tube of RSL #1 birdies. Each team must play the other teams at least 3 matches (best of 3 games) that count towards the official record.


Before the 1st of the month, the double teams have to register in the Slack Channel #[MM-YYYY]-tournament and announce the team.

Because we are playing a lot of matches, you and your partner must try to be there on most of the Wednesday and Saturday sessions to give your opponents a chance to play. You should plan to be in Bintang for at least 5 days in April in order to qualify.

The teams will be split into A and B flights. A are the current Advanced 1 players (Justin, Martin, Avinash K., Varun, Malinka, Bonic, Sangam). B is everyone else. (If you believe if should be in A, you can challenge for it, contact Tony and Richard for details)


Within each flight, the teams play round robin and track winning scores on Slack #[MM-YYYY]-tournament. Tony & Richard will tally up scores and announce at the end of each week. The winning team at the end of the month gets a tube of RSL Gold #1 as bragging rights.

You must play 3 matches, against 3 teams to qualify to be ranked at the end.

4 teams total in each flight. One person cannot form 2 teams, because then you cannot play against yourself, and you need 3 matches against each team in the round robin — the following month you can form another team

You can form teams with someone else in another flight, but you have to play in the upper flight. Flight A player cannot play in flight B. You can form XD, but compete against regular doubles.


Say April has 4 teams. During April Team 1 needs to play 3 matches against against team 2, team 3 and team 4.

Team 1 v team 2 to play 3 matches (during April)
Team 1 v team 3 to play 3 matches (during April)
Team 1 v team 4 to play 3 matches (during April)
Team 2 v team 3 to play 3 matches (during April)
Team 2 v team 4 to play 3 matches (during April)
Team 3 v team 4 to play 3 matches (during April)

Winning and ranking

Teams with the most number of winning matches in the flight wins the flight and wins the RSL Gold #1 tube.

The winning team can pair up again for the next month, but will be handicapped, TBD by Tony & Richard.

In case of a tie, the number of games won will be used as tie breaker, if that is tied, the number of points will be used as a tie breaker.

Between flights champion (optional)

The winner of flight A and flight B could choose to play against each other in 1 final match. The looser of the match will forfeit their tube of birdies to the winning team.