Badminton Courts In And Near San Francisco

San Francisco

  • Bintang – Burlingame – Badminton flooring and professional gym. We meet on Saturday mornings for intermediate to advanced players. There is a group on Sunday morning for advanced players, WhatsApp invite to verified players.
  • Bay Badminton Center – Badminton flooring and professional gym. not sure who is playing here from our group.
  • Betty Ann Ong Recreation Center – 4 courts, basketball floor. Free to play. Tuesday 4pm to 8:30pm, Friday 10:00am – 3:30pm
  • Glen Park – It’s crowded, king of the hill style, and stay on the court for 2 games if you win. This is free to play. Thursday 12:30pm – 3:30pm.
  • UCSF Mission Bay – Basketball floor, very poor lighting. Pay $25 guest entrance fee. Friday 6:30pm – 9:00pm, Saturday 8am – 10am
  • UCS Parnassus Gym – Basketball floor, very poor lighting. Pay $25 guest entrance fee. Saturday 12pm – 2pm, Monday 8am – 9:30am
  • The Kroc Center – Basketball floor, 3 courts. Small entrance fee. Thursday 6pm – 8pm
  • Gene Friend SoMa Rec Center – Friday 6:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Badminton – times varied

Other Locations

Santa Rosa 59 miles north of San Francisco – SRBC See schedule here

These are public spaces, you can just go there without joining the social group. Also check out places to play in the U.S. (from Southwest Badminton Association)


Paid Coaching Or Hitting Partner

Looking for a paid badminton coach or hitting partner, contact information here

Glen Park
UCSF Parnassus