San Francisco Badminton Advanced Group

san francisco badminton group

Last updated July 16th, 2021



  • Advanced 0 – A/B/C or high D players, great defense, powerful sharp smash, clears, great footwork , no weakness on backhand, and sustain long rallies, very little mistakes
  • Advanced 1 – mid to high D players, strong high clear end to end, drop, net, consistent smash, have good footwork, good defense, good low and flick serves, some backhand clear, backhand drop
  • Advanced 2 – Intermediate-advanced – has some footwork, has power but inconsistent, may hit out or into the net sometimes, not much defense, lack backhand drop or backhand clear


Sorry , I do not organize play for intermediate players anymore.

  • Intermediate – can hit the birdie across to the other side around mid court, birdies float, no backhand, not much defense against smashes
  • Intermediate-beginner or beginner – birdies mostly fly up, not much power, no backhand or will loose on backhand shots, is able to keep the birdie in play

Sorry because our group has grown too large, we no longer accept intermediate players into our group. But you can just visit these locations to find other players.


Sorry , I do not organize play for beginners, too much difference in skill level affects the level of play and won’t be fun for anyone. I do not organize the play for beginners.
These are public spaces, you can just go there without joining our Slack group. But you can just visit these locations to find other players.

Rules & Etiquette

  1. Be willing to play with all players at different levels; we can help you pair up to make the teams more even.
  2. Be friendly and sociable; if you just want to play and not into the talking thing, the challenge court is perfect for that.
  3. Make sure to rotate out and let everyone get a chance to play; be gracious about volunteering to sit out if you have played more than others.
  4. Bring your own birdies so we can share the cost when playing (buy at Black Label, speed 50 or buy at the club)

Why Is Tony Forming This Group?

I used to have a hard time finding people to play and I usually have to audition to show my level of play in order for people to accept me. I hated that part of badminton when I don’t have someone to go with and I have to pair myself with people who only cared about winning on the challenge court. I started this group to help people reconnect with badminton. Often I would hear from people who just moved to San Francisco and have lost their former friends whom they used to play with. I also hear from people who used to play in high school and college but have forgotten about the game when life happens to all of us.

Buying Badminton Stuff Online

(I have no affiliations with any of the online stores)

Shuttlecock / Birdies