Contact Tony on Slack with your name and what your experience level is with badminton.

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We are currently only accepting people into the group at the advanced levels.

We currently divide up into 4 groups (Intermediate 1 & 2, Advanced 1 & 2) based on skill levels. You can use the following to gauge yourself

  • If you have not played in USBA sanctioned events
    • Intermediate : If you not comfortable playing challenge courts and have obvious weakness in defense, backhand or footwork
    • Advanced : If you often like to play challenge courts and win a few of them. Good defense, offense, footwork and backhand with no huge weak gap in your game.
  • USBA D (Intermediate or Advanced 2)
  • USBA C (Advanced 1)
  • USBA B (Advanced 1)
  • USBA A (Advanced 0)

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