Contact Tony via this Whatsapp group and with your name and what your experience level is with badminton.

We are currently only accepting people into the group at intermediate or advanced levels.

We currently divide up into 4 groups (Intermediate 1 & 2, Advanced 1 & 2) based on skill levels. You can use the following to gauge yourself

  • If you have not played in USBA sanctioned events
    • Intermediate : If you not comfortable playing challenge courts and have obvious weakness in defense, backhand or footwork
    • Advanced : If you often like to play challenge courts and win few. Good defense, offense, footwork and backhand with no huge weak gap in your game.
  • USBA D (Intermediate or Advanced 2)
  • USBA C (Advanced 1)
  • USBA B (Advanced 1)
  • USBA A (Advanced 0)